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1951 : Stella's Cafe

The birth of Parksville Baptist Church Parksville Baptist Church was formed in 1951. The first "chapter" of our history could be called the "Days of Survival". A small group of people went from renting space in which to meet, to building a church facility; from holding a church service to offering the basic church ministries. We had great family pioneers.


1962 - 1986 : Panabode Church

Chapter two of our history tells of the "risk takers" in which we no longer focused on just those attending but on a future when many would come. Property was purchased beyond the foreseeable needs and a building project was undertaken that was a big stretch for the faithful few.



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1990 - 2007 : Pym Street - Our Current Location

These were years of change and growth for our church. There was a transition to multiple services, growth groups grew as a priority, and adding a multi-staff team in the office were all a part of this growing period.


2008-2013: A Church for the Community - "Imagine the Impact"

These years marked the beginning of the next chapter of our story. It involved a very deliberate desire to invite the community to explore Christianity with us as a gathered church and as a scatter church out in the midst of our community, finding ways to be the "light of the world" in Oceanside.

Today: The Story Continues ...