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Being Fit in This Life and the Next PDF Print E-mail
Written by Paul Hawkes   


The Olympics are coming! As I write, the opening ceremonies are only 11 days away. It’s still difficult to comprehend that such a world-class event is coming to our backyard.


What’s even more amazing is that my wife and I will be in Whistler to take in four events. I can’t wait to absorb the sights, sounds, and smells of Whistler during this time, but also to see world-class athletes at the top of their game.


Few will know the kind of discipline involved in reaching the pinnacle of any sport. Some of us might go to the gym a few days each week; we might play hockey or curl or walk a few days of the week. But not many of us can identify with the hourly discipline and the years of sacrifice it takes for these athletes to attain such levels.


The pay-off is noticeable: fit bodies, and for a select few the ultimate reward — an Olympic medal.


Finding Your New Year’s Rhythm PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dan King   


I love listening to the rhythmic beating of drums.


Now, let me clarify that. This isn’t about some first-time percussionist who is simply trying to create and sustain loud booming noises by beating sticks on a snare or pounding out an inconsistent cadence on a bass drum.


I’m talking about the disciplined professional drummer, whose skill and experience are able to create a warm and passionate rhythm with their instrument. There is something about that rhythm.


All of Creation, too, has a rhythm to it. It shows itself most obviously in the changing of the seasons, in the flipping of the calendar, and in the dropping of the New Year’s Ball in New York’s Time Square. The writer of the Biblical book of Ecclesiastes captured it perfectly when he wrote:


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