Where Does My Strength Come From? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dan King   


It happened again just last week. I was out in the community talking with a teenager who seemed to be full of laughs and stories about sports teams and friends. Then, as I have experienced many times before, something changed in this teens demeanor and she suddenly got a very serious look on her face. Slowly, she reached up her fist toward my eyes and opened it to reveal three tiny words written on the palm of her hand. It read, “I am unloved.”


One of the things that I love about teenagers is that they are pretty bold in letting you know how they feel if you show them that you are willing to listen. It can make hanging out with them a lot of fun, but it can also cause deep sadness.


This morning, while thinking about this student, I read the words of King David in the Bible. In Psalm 31 he writes, “Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.”


Our personal strength or emotional stability comes from somewhere deep within us. It is so often called upon to help us make it through a hard day or to hold our own in an ongoing relational or family challenge. We also look to it to help us stand with others who are hurting or can’t seem to make it on their own – we let them lean on us.


When our hearts are strong, others know it. When our hearts are weak, it is often easy to see too.


But what feeds our hearts? What provides us with that emotional strength that we so often need?


My teenage friend feels like she is unloved in her life – that she has lost all strength to keep going from her heart. She feels that her heart is empty. As she continued sharing with me, it was obvious that she has slowly lost all strength from her heart because of the words that others have spoken which hurt her. She has lost strength because of broken promises by those closest to her.


She has lost strength and doesn’t know how to fill her heart again.


This is where David speaks wisdom. This is the question that David answers: Where does my strength come from?


David says that our strength of heart comes from hope. And not just a hope in ourselves that we somehow stir up, but from a hope provided outside of ourselves. David speaks of a hope that comes from the Lord.


If David is correct, and I think that he is, then the first step in finding strength to make it through another day has everything to do with looking to God and putting our hope in Him. Another biblical writer got it right when he said, “I can do all things through [Jesus Christ] who gives me strength”.


How about you? Where do you find the strength to make it through tough times and feelings of hopelessness? What is the condition of your heart?


Perhaps today a new source of Hope might be in order ….