Our Giving Options PDF Print E-mail


1) In-Person Giving


Available during each of the Sunday services or by dropping into the church office during the week.



2) Online Giving

Method #1 - Using the "Donate" Button Below:


Click on the Donate button and it will take you to the PayPal site.


You do not need to have a PayPal account to use this option. Simply enter your Credit Card information and the contribution will be charged to that card.



(The cost to the church per transaction is 1.9% + 30¢.)


* Note: Please do not use Credit Cards if you are not able to pay the balance on a monthly basis. We do not feel it is good stewardship to go into Credit Card debt for any purpose.



Method #2 - Using Your Existing PayPal Account:


Log into your account via the Paypal homepage (here) and use the "Send Money" Tab on your Account Page.  The email address you need to enter is 'donate AT parksvillebaptist.org' (replace the 'AT' with an '@').


Enter the amount you would like to donate in Canadian funds.

Choose the “Personal Tab” and click on the “Gift” option.


There is NO transaction fee charged to the church for this method if your PayPal account is setup to draw funds directly from your bank account.  If it is set to draw funds from a credit card, the same fees as indicated in Method #1 (above) will apply.



3) Pre-Authorized Giving

With our pre-authorized giving plan you can automatically contribute a consistent amount of your choosing each month directly from your Bank Account. Below you will find a Pre-authorization Form available for download.


Pre-Authorized Giving Form



4) Debit Machine Giving


We now offer debit services on Sunday during each service.   Look for the kiosk at the Information Center in the foyer.  You can give using your debit or credit card.