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Baptism is an important step in a believer’s relationship with God. It is a symbol of identification with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Baptism is an act of obedience. It is a way of publicly saying that I have repented of my sin and am trusting completely in Jesus Christ as my Savior. Certainly baptism is a big step, but it’s also a great step! And we encourage every follower of Jesus to be baptized.


It’s important to know that baptism itself is not the source of new life. Only Jesus Christ is the source of life. Baptism is a way of identifying with Christ. Every believer has new life in Christ when they receive Him as Savior. Baptism is simply the way that Jesus wants believers to confess their new life in Him. Baptism gives everyone who believes in Jesus the opportunity to stand before their family, friends and church as faithful followers of Jesus Christ.


If you are interested in being baptized, just follow these four easy steps:


1. Contact the church office (HERE) or talk with one of the pastors this weekend.

2. Download and read this short, informative booklet (HERE) we've put together.

3. Have an interview with one of our church elders to talk about your desire for baptism (the church office will set this up for you).

4. Invite your family and your friends to come and celebrate with you at our next baptism opportunity!