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Growth Groups are a key way of connecting with other believer's with the goal of becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ who choose to impact their world.


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These groups create a loving, supportive environment in which people can worship God, care for one another, explore the truths of the Bible and reach out to serve other people.


Growth Groups gather regularly during the week in many different places around the Oceanside area.  During the course of the year they meet in two quarters (fall and winter), so your chance to join in on the next semester is coming soon!


It is our hope that everyone who is a part of our church family has significant relationships with other believers, leading to a more mature relationship with God. If you want to get connected with other people, find a place where you can fit in and get to know God in a deeper way, then you want to be part of a Growth Group!


Important Dates for 2016-2017


Sign-up Dates:

Fall Quarter: September 11 & 18

Winter Quarter: January 1 & 8


Meeting Dates:

Fall Quarter: September 25th - December 5th

Winter Quarter: January 15th - April 9th


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