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"Have you been baptized?"

It's a question that gets asked from time to time when you are involved in a church community like Parksville Baptist Church, but sometimes we hear the question and don't seriously consider our answer --- we just say "No."

This year, we'd like to invite you to consider the question just a little bit more before coming up with an answer.

Baptism is an experience that Jesus actually commands those who have already committed their lives to following him to do.  It is something that demonstrates two things:


1.) It demonstrates what Jesus has already done for us. In going under the water and then coming out, we are joining in the death and burial of Jesus, and then his resurrection which defeated sin and death. Read some of Romans 6 for more details HERE.

2.) It announces to the world that we are followers of Jesus and want to live in obedience to him. In fact, in Acts 8, you'll find the story of a man who embraces Jesus as his God and Savior and then immediately hits the river to get baptized - read about that story HERE.


To learn more about what the Bible teaches us about Baptism, you might want to listen to Pastor Paul's sermon on the topic HERE


So, "Have you been baptized?" ... if you are interested in being baptized, just follow these three easy steps:


1. Contact the church office (HERE) or talk with one of the pastors this weekend.

2. Download and read this short, informative booklet (HERE) we've put together.

3. Invite your family and friends to celebrate your baptism with you in the months ahead!