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Growth Groups are about life, about Christian living. We want to make fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ: disciples who live out their faith seven days a week.


Here are a few things that each group meeting will include …


Sharing in each others lives during our walk in Christ is an absolute. We often hear from groups how Christians and non-Christians alike are finding them to be a “haven of rest” and relaxation, a place to go and fellowship and an opportunity to have like minded people praying for them as they navigate the challenges of life. On the flip side to this, members of groups also get a chance to share praise items and stories that witness to God’s outpouring of Grace into their lives the lives of those around them! (Philemon 1:6)


Studying God’s word together in a smaller venue like a Growth Group is, for many, the most effective way to dig deeper in the Scriptures. The amount of positive comments we receive about the sermon-based studies sometimes overwhelms us! Members of groups are able to attend church on a Sunday where they hear the Word of God, and then read and examine it further with a focus on application in their Growth Group. The questions that develop in the sermon-based studies, the answers that are discovered from the Bible, and the desire to walk closer with Christ all come together here! (2 Timothy 3:16-17)


Supporting one another in our walk with Christ is a must, especially in times of need. We have heard many stories this past year of Growth Groups coming alongside and supporting each other through the death of a family member, groups moved to provide meals to one another as a result of the tough economic times, and groups walking with each other through marital separation or difficult child rearing issues. We often hear that, “it was the support of my Growth Group along with God’s grace that is helping them through some tough times!” (1 John 3:16-18)



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