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Growth Groups are about life, about Christian living. We want to make fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ: disciples who live out their faith seven days a week.


Here are some questions that you might be asking …


What is a Growth Group?

A Growth Group is a home fellowship that meets weekly to share, study and support one another. An average meeting lasts for an hour and a half, followed by light refreshments.


How Important Are Growth Groups?

Our goal at Parksville Fellowship Baptist Church, is to see Growth Groups become a cornerstone ministry. They're the place where the real ministry of the church takes place as we study God's Word, while supporting and sharing our lives with one another. We believe that meeting together on a regular basis is time well spent.


When and Where Do They Meet?

Growth Groups meet on various nights of the week in homes throughout Oceanside. Most groups meet from 7-9 pm.


How Long Do They Last?

Each Growth Group semester lasts 9 to 11 weeks. We have Fall, Winter & Spring sessions. At the end of each semester, you will have the choice of staying in the same group, trying a new group or even taking a break. Most groups stay together throughout the entire year. Growth Groups do not meet mid-June through August.


What is the Required Commitment?

When joining a Growth Group we ask that you make a 9 to 11 week commitment to attend weekly meetings and do the preparation ahead of time. Obviously, allowances are made for sickness, vacation, work conflicts and other special events. This commitment is the key to a strong Growth Group. You have the first three weeks to attend the group to make sure it's a good fit for you.


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